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ABILITY SCORES: power, precision, intellect, influence

(power and precision give point-buy penalties to each other, intellect and influence the same)

TRAITS (skill bonuses, ability modifiers, roleplaying?)

Skeptic: bonuses to disbelieve illusions, morale, and fear effects, gives a penalty to inspiration attempts

Large: power bonus, finesse penalty

CLASS SKILLS: standard set, few options to modify


Deadly Beguiler (if you initiate combat with an opponent who you’ve successfully BEGUILED, you get +1 precision die to your next attack against that opponent)


Slashing- debuff? combat bonuses?

Piercing- damage, death, crippling, DoT

Bludgeoning- armor debuff, tactical attacks like knock prone, disarm

Concussive/Shocking/Flash- tactical, morale debuff, lose actions,


Example1 : Two unarmored lowly footman are dueling with clubs. The one with the higher precision score, footman A, attacks first. He initiates an attack and rolls his attack dice, which consists of 1d6 because he sucks. He rolls a 6. His opponent, footman B, rolls his defense dice, 1d6. He gets a 1. The defense result is subtracted from the attack result and it is determined that footman A has overcome footman B’s defense by 5 attack points. They refer to the attack results table and determine that a 5 is high enough to score a major wound/impairment. Another d6 is rolled to determine the result is in fact a wound. Footman B is dying and has a single action left he can take on his next available round unless he fails a shock roll.

Example 2:

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