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Joel Wadleigh

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Strange cosmology. Planar weirdness

Magic is less of a thing compared to a standard DND setting, so later levels in non-magic using classes dont depend on it from items/player spellcasters. Therefore, nonmagical tactical abilities come to the fore. Gives players lots of options to fill niches with nonmagical abilities, like crowd control is a fighter type thing, debuff rogue type, buffing for the leader who uses “inspiration” (not a bard). Take a lot of lessons from 4.0 here. Keep it simple, not as many abilities as 4.0 had, and players pretty much have the freedom to customize their own class by giving them a large number of feats and letting them pick their role. Maybe just one magic user per party? Is a mage. Again, customization, they decide their spells, within a set of limitations. Healing is available to mages, but they cant just become a cleric clone, wouldnt have enough spells. Nonmagical healing becomes more important, status penalties from combat become important, much like Dragon Age. In general, it’s not necessary for someone to fill the rogue/mage/cleric role. More important for players to choose a group that can have tactical synergy, whatever it looks like in the end.

World environment is extremely relevant to combat. Different zones have different modifying conditions, like low gravity on a mountain, unbreathable air in a lowland (have to dedicate actions every few rounds to breathing through a device or something), shallow water in the flooded kingdom.


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